Business Plan Formulation, Budgeting and Financial Analysis Services

OHI’s helps start-ups and small mid-sized businesses in formulating business plans, forecasting sales and profits and preparing operational budgets. We also perform multiple types of financial and business analysis services to help managements gain insights and solutions into pressing business challenges. Our business plan formulations and projection services help owners and senior managers plan cash-flows, future expenditures, revenue expansion among others. OHI’s team of financial analysts are skilled in financial analysis tools and have rich experience across various sectors such as real estate (commercial and residential), retail, ecommerce, logistics, IT services and small scale manufacturing.

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Cost Savings

30-50% cost savings compared to in-house staff or US-based service-providers

Skilled Employees

Staff with at-least six years of relevant functional experience

Our Clients

300+ clients in USA across industries like Real Estate, Construction, Retail & more

Business Plan Formulation

Preparation of detailed business plans with market summary, product/service summary, SWOT analysis, competition analysis, financial projections and more.

Simple financial business plan formulation services covering:

  • Preparation of valuations
  • Revenue and expense projections
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash-flow statements
  • Capital expenditure
  • Working capital schedules

We have prepared 50+ business plans for residential real estate, commercial real estate, retail, restaurants, e-commerce, small manufacturing, wholesale distribution, IT and media services companies.

Budgeting Services

Budgeting is a critical yearly activity done in most organizations to plan for financial performance, control expenses and allocate capital and resources. Budgeting models have to be dynamic, detailed easy to understand to ensure regular and seamless updating of budgetary numbers and to drive organizational acceptability and accountability. OHI in-depth budget preparation services ensure an accurate, comprehensive and easy to understand budgets. We also use a variety of methodologies such as historical cost basis, % of revenue, bottoms-up budgeting among others.

  • Detailed Operating budgets covering projected revenues and budgeted expenses
  • Departmental level Budgets/Divisional budgets such as Marketing Budgets, Sales Budgets, Engineering Budgets among others
  • Location level/Branch Budgets with clear delineation of locational expenses and central corporate allocations
  • Capital Expenditure budgets covering fixed asset additions, sale and write-offs
  • Cash-flow budgets at company/ departmental/locational levels using a variety of methodologies

Financial Analysis & Modeling

Financial analysis is crucial in obtaining an understanding of your company’s financial performance. We specialize in providing outsource financial analysis and modeling services. We focus on helping businesses analyze data better and make smart decisions. Our financial analysis outsourcing services provide information regarding the efficiency, profitability, liquidity and stability of the company.

  • Sensitivity Analysis: Scenario Analysis of existing projections to test the financial robustness of business model in different scenarios
  • Pro forma Financials: Preparation of cash flow statements, income statements and balance sheets projections for debt/equity financing proposals
  • Projections/Forecasts: Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual forecasts of key financial parameters such as revenues, cash balances based on historic data and current trends
  • Financial Analysis like ratio analysis, break-even analysis, NPV and IRR analysis, payback analysis for specific investments
  • Spreadsheet Testing: Identify potential and actual errors in an existing spreadsheet model and to suggest improvements in the financial models
  • Sales Product Mix Analysis: Uncover sales trends and optimal gross margin mix among different products/product lines/categories
  • Margin Analysis to uncover sources of Gross Margin dilution, identify EBITDA (operating margin) expansion opportunities and improve business bottom lines
  • Custom Industry Specific Analysis such as rent roll analysis for real estate companies, customer profitability analysis for IT services companies and freight analysis for logistics companies
  • Retail Analysis: SKU Analysis, Same Store Sales analysis and custom analysis for retail chains
  • Make vs Buy/Buy vs Lease Analysis: We help you in capital expenditure vs leasing decisions

Sample Reports

Below are a few samples of our work in business plan preparation, financial analysis, projection report and a sample of the industry research report. More samples and reports can be provided upon request.

Business Plan
Revenue Projection
Financial Analysis
Break Even Analysis
Industry Research Report
Sales Mix Dashboard
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Investor Dashboard

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Our indicative standard charges for business plan preparation and financial analysis services are listed below.

Custom packages of 25, 50 and 80 hours per month are available



* onwards

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* Full-time staffing (160 hours per month)

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* Full-time staffing (160 hours per month)

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About Us

  • 300+ clients across North America in all major states
  • High client satisfaction - Most of our clients have been with us since 8+ years
  • Clients across sectors like CPA firms, real estate, construction, logistics & transportation, retail, manufacturing and IT firms
  • Senior management team with rich outsourcing and management experience since 2003 in global companies
  • Staff with at-least six years of relevant work experience in accounting and financial analysis functions
  • Spacious office set-up (30,000 square feet) with modern facilities and uninterrupted power supply
  • 200 MBPS high speed dedicated internet leased line

Real Customers, Real Satisfaction!

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