Loan Abstraction and Other Mortgage Services

It can be difficult for a borrower (lender) to keep track of different obligations (rights) via a complex multi-page agreement full of legal terminologies. Abstracts help in creating simplified summaries of the agreement, key loan information such as interest rates, debt servicing schedule are captured in the accounting software or excel spreadsheet, serving as a handy reference for future.

OHI is a specialized commercial real estate advisor since 2006, offering loan abstraction, lease abstraction, accounting and other mortgage services at very economical rates. Our services are used by 120+ commercial and residential real estate companies in California, New York, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Kansas and Washington among others.

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Staff with at-least six years of relevant real estate experience across mortgage and leasing

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30-50% cost savings compared to in-house hired staff or onshore service providers

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300+ Clients in USA (120+ commercial and residential real estate firms)

Loan Abstraction Services

  • Use of Funds
  • Interest Period
  • Borrower
  • Interest Rate
  • Default Rate
  • Maturity Period and Options
  • Other Charges such as Pre-payment Penalties
  • Leasing Requirements
  • Escrow Requirements
  • Replacement Reserve
  • Guarantor Covenants
  • Collateral Terms
  • LIBOR Floor
  • Spread Amount
  • Mandatory Prepayments and Closing Fees
  • Term Sheet Requirements
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Events of Default
  • Defeasance requirements and more

OHI’s team can abstract complex loan agreements with multiple financial terms, covenants and restrictions. Our deep real estate and financial services expertise combine to create comprehensive and accurate abstracts. Our loan abstraction services are performed by qualified and experienced accountants well versed with financial terms and with an exceptional eye for detail. We also use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to search scanned loan agreements.

Our abstracts contain the following indicative information:

Sample Abstract

Sample Loan Abstract

Other Mortgage Services

Portfolio Debt Servicing Tracking

OHI’s team tracks debt servicing status across your entire loan portfolio, updating interest and principal payments, highlighting upcoming bullet repayments or other major loan covenant requirements

Updating Real Estate Owned (REO) Schedules

Financial Modeling

Developing detailed proforma models and cash flow projections to support your debt raising efforts

Loan Documentation Support

Assist in preparation of loan documentation such as SNDA’s, project executive summaries, estoppel certificates etc.

Lender Reporting

Financials, leasing reports, property management executive summaries and other reports with respect to the property, borrower and guarantor

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Loan Abstraction


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Other Mortgage Services

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Loan Abstraction Process


  • Preliminary discussion with client to understand their abstraction requirements and preferences including the level of detail to be captured
  • OHI’s team reviews representative loan agreements used by client to understand the underlying complexity of the loans
  • The abstract template to be used is finalized with the client
  • Understanding loan abstraction timelines and preparation of delivery schedule

Transfer of Loan Information to Abstract

  • Client provides loan documents and additional information by uploading to the secured shared drives Dropbox or Google Drive

Loan Abstraction Work-Process

  • Loan Abstraction Status Tracker is set-up (if multiple loans are to be abstracted)
  • Loan documents are reviewed in detail by the staff member
  • Missing document report is shared with the client
  • Sample abstract is prepared in the agreed upon loan abstract template
  • Abstract contains detailed section and page references, index of documents, notes and open queries (if any)
  • Key data is summarized in clear and concise abstracting language into final deliverable format
  • Prepared loan abstract is then reviewed by a senior staff member to ensure completeness, accuracy and quality. All key figures are double-checked
  • Abstracts are delivered in the format as defined at the start of the project

Final Deliverables

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Lease Abstraction, Lease Entry, Lease Administration, Lease Audit and Acquisition Support Services

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AP, AR, CAM Accounting, Reconciliations, Month End Closing, Monthly Financials and Reporting

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Investment Analysis

Rent Roll Analysis, Financial Analysis, Market Research, Cash Flow Modeling and Hold Vs Sell Analysis

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About Us

  • 120+ real estate clients across North America in all major states and real estate sectors
  • High client satisfaction - Most of our clients have been with us since 8+ years
  • Fully integrated real estate service provider providing services in leasing, administration, accounting, analysis and allied services
  • Specialist real estate outsourcing services provider since 2006
  • Senior management team with rich outsourcing and management experience since 2003 in global companies
  • Staff with at-least six years of real estate outsourcing experience
  • Spacious office set-up (30,000 square feet) with modern facilities and uninterrupted power supply
  • 200 MBPS high speed dedicated internet leased line

Client Profiles

A vertically integrated, full service real estate company based out of Bellevue, WA. They specialize in commercial properties. The firm has developed and built in excess of 81 properties and have more than 10,000 units under management.

A well-known fully integrated real estate investment cum asset management firm based in Tampa (FL). They manage a wide variety of commercial real estate assets and provide property management services to 3rd party commercial real estate owners.

A well-known construction and development company in Canada specializing in construction and development of high rise concretes. It is a mid-sized firm and one of British Columbia’s most experienced and respected developers.

A privately owned real estate management firm that specializes in the management of commercial and multi-family properties in the Greater Los Angeles area.

A full service real estate investment management company. The company provides in-house acquisition origination, underwriting, transaction management, asset management, accounting and investor reporting for all investments. The company is based in Denver, CO.

A midsized real estate property management firm based out of Beverly Hills, CA. The firm manages over 50 properties, across 9 states, encompassing over 1200 tenants and nearly 1.5 million square feet.

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